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Authentication Fees, Return Policies, Artifacts, Arrowheads


  This section covers all my Policies and Guarantees for arrowheads, artifacts, relics, utility tools and everything Listed on this website, artifacts for sale, consignment or for whether it be arrowheads for authentication purposes. Call Or email me for any artifact organizational member discounts. I support any and all artifact organizations.

   When sending an artifact or artifacts to us to be examined and evaluated, please do not send any Certificates with the relics. Just number and write down the provenance/history of the relic/relics such as; county and state where found, who found it (If Known), who's ex-collection it came from, and so on. We do not want to know or care who has papered the artifact/artifacts in the past, we judge the relic based on our criteria and the artifacts own merits. That is why we give an honest opinion based on our knowledge and experience and not influenced by other authenticators' opinions nor do we indulge in their politics.


  We offer evaluations for $15.00 per artifact (Certificate of Authenticity will be issued at no extra charge if found to be authentic) plus return shipping and insurance with a return ship of 14 days or less for more than 10 but less than 50 artifacts. This fee is for evaluating the artifact whether it papers or not!! Customers have the sole responsibility of Return shipping and insurance for all their artifacts. For multiple amounts of Artifacts to be evaluated please contact me for discount rates. I do not refund evaluation fees for artifacts that Did not meet my criteria and did not paper. This is a standard base (Fee is negotiable depending on the amount of artifacts prior to being sent) fee for evaluating and examining the artifact and NO refunds period. Also Letters of Appriasals are a courtesy extended to customers in some cases upon request and agreed to by me. I do not do nor do I charge for Letters of Appraisals and are not part of the authentication process and I can stop doing so at any time.


Artifacts can be put on layaway for a period of up to 90 days. A deposit of at least 20% is required in order to put the artifact in layaway and a payment is expected every 30 days until the artifact is paid in full at the end of the 90 days. You have 30 days to change your mind and receive a full refund of your deposit and what you have paid over and above the deposit. If after 30 days you decide to cancel the layaway, you will not receive a refund on the deposit but the remainder of what you have paid over and above the deposit on the artifact will be refunded to you.


  Due to Some recent problems I am adding this notation in order to try and clarify the return policies for evaluating and/or issuing certificates of authentication of artifacts and returning the Artifacts. It is already noted in the above paragraph and the Guarantee and Return Policy below. My Fees are for evaluating (EXAMINING) the artifacts sent to me and if the artifact is found and determined to be Authentic, a Certificate Of Authenticity will be issued at NO EXTRA COST. NO REFUNDS on Evaluation Fees!!!! If you send artifacts To be examined and authenticated and you fail to send the return shipping and Insurance then when the artifacts are shipped back to you there will be no Insurance taken out on the returns and it will be up to you the customer to deal with the postal service. I am not responsible for damage to artifacts while in Transit to you. The same applies to artifacts that were bought and are being returned for a refund. You must insure the artifact that you are returning for a refund and send back all documents including all COA's. If you fail to insure it and return all documents and COA's and it becomes damaged while in transit then the return guarantee becomes void and the artifact will be sent back to you and you own it, there will be no refund. I hope this clears up any questions as to the return policies for evaluations and returns from sales. my consignment fees as of now are 10% of the actual sale price of the artifact and not the price we listed it for originally unless it sales for the listed Price. Call or email me for shipping information about sending your artifacts to me to be evaluated at the phone number or email address on the contact area on the side of each page.


  I offer a 14 day Satisfaction Guarantee with all sales. All artifacts on this website are owned by someone else and are not my property( I DO NOT OWN THE ARTIFACTS ), I am simply sell them for the owners. Every artifact sold or for sale on this site has been Evaluated and/or Authenticated and is believed to be authentic. I cannot and do not guarantee them to be Authentic. It is impossible to please everyone so that is why you should judge each artifact for yourself. There will be no cash refunds after the 14 day Period has expired. You have 14 days from the time you receive the artifact/artifacts to determine if you are happy with the artifact/artifacts or Not. You must contact me by email or phone before the 14 days are up and notify me of your intent to return the artifact/artifacts to me for a refund of the Purchase price less the cost of return shipping and insurance. If you are not satisfied after the 14 day period has expired Then you will be allowed to trade for another artifact of equal or lesser value if the Owner of the artifact agrees to the trade but no cash refunds after the 14 days are up!!!!!!!!! Return extensions beyond the 14 days can be given upon request if the seller/owner agrees to the extension. After the 14 day period expires, I am exempt from legal responsibility for the return and refund of the artifact/s and you the buyer will have to deal with the previous owner of the artifact/s to settle any disputes or disagreements. If you call or email and tell me you are happy or satisfied with the artifact/s then the guarantee terminates at that time. When you return an artifact it must be returned in the same condition as when shipped to you and you must have it insured and send all documents and COA's back with the artifact/s. Customers have the sole responsibility of return shipping and insurance for all Artifacts. Please remember, no cash refunds after the 14 day return is up, only Trades for another artifact of equal or lesser value with the agreement of the Owner after the guarantee has expired.


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